A Gift to the World - The November 2020 issue of Chess Life

Dear chess friends:

When one of our members has a good idea, we take it seriously.

Tweeting on October 31 – Halloween Day! – National Master Han Schut suggested we provide a “holiday present” to chess players around the world.  


Han Schut tweet


What a swell idea.

Chess Life is the official magazine of US Chess. Each month we here at Chess Life work to publish the best of American chess in all of its facets. In recent issues we have brought you articles by GM Jesse Kraai on chess in the time of coronavirus; GM Jon Tisdall’s look at online chess; IM Eric Rosen on “the new chess boom,” featuring a cover that went viral on social media!; Michael Tisserand on Charlie Gabriel, the coolest octogenarian jazz player and chess fan in New Orleans; and GM Maurice Ashley on 11-year-old phenom IM Abhimanyu Mishra.


November 2020 cover of Chess Life


Our November issue has gained attention around the world for its cover story on the Netflix limited series The Queen’s Gambit by longtime Chess Life columnist Bruce Pandolfini. It also features articles by GM Jacob Aagaard, GM Sam Shankland, and WFM Elizabeth Spiegel, made famous in the 2012 documentary Brooklyn Castle. Our usual stable of columnists, including GMs Lev Alburt and Andy Soltis, IM John Watson, FM Carsten Hansen, and the aforementioned Bruce Pandolfini round out a fine issue indeed.

It's our gift to you as a chess fan, free of charge. Consider it a “COVID care package” from US Chess to our friends across the chess-playing world.

Download it (in pdf format) at the following two links:

Local Link at uschess.org

Alternative link at Dropbox

From beginners through experts, there is something in every issue of Chess Life for players of every strength. We hope you enjoy your reading, and if you like what you see, perhaps you will consider becoming a US Chess member or renewing your existing membership.

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We hope you enjoy this issue. Here’s to empowering people, enriching lives, and enhancing communities through chess, and to growing a game that we all love.