Former US Chess President Harold J. Winston has died

US Chess has learned that Harold J. Winston, a giant in the history of the governance of the US Chess Federation, has died.

Harold Winston (US Chess archives)
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Harold Winston (US Chess archives)

Winston served as the US Chess President from 1987-1990 along with nine years on the Policy Board, and more than thirty years time as the chairman or co-chairman of the Bylaws Committee. He was instrumental in democratizing our governance structure.

Winston also served as the chairman of the US Chess Trust since 2000.

CLO will have a fuller appreciation of Winston's life and accomplishment in the coming days; until then, here are some reactions from US Chess leadership and members:

"Harold's contributions to US Chess are a lifelong body of work from a person who loved the game and this organization through his very final days." - Mike Hoffpauir, President, US Chess

"Very sorry to hear this terrible news. Harold has been a tireless supporter of chess in the U.S., including his years of work as a volunteer for both US Chess and the US Chess Trust." - Randy Bauer, Vice President, US Chess

"Many people cross the chess board. Some find a moment of glory and move along. Others struggle and fall by the way or get disrupted due to life and family. 

But Harold through it all since 1968 attended every US Open and delegates meeting. He served as President and went on to fundraise in his post career work for youth and the Hall of Fame and Museum. 

A good man and a great member and leader."

I have no doubt that he is organizing a chess club in Heaven and making sure the bylaws are perfect and everyone is treated fairly." - E. Steve Doyle, former President, US Chess




I am so sorry to hear this. Harold was a hero of US Chess and a knight for the oppressed in Chicago. My condolences to his family.

To attend the streaming service for Harold Winston on Feb. 17 at 10 a.m. CST, go to this link:
and click on "Harold Winston."
I believe you can leave sentiments on site.
If you’d like to send flowers, please contact Rogers Park Florist. Manager is Monica. (773) 761-3500.

Harold's kindness and strong sense of fairness caused him to intervene many times to protect relationships and volunteers from USCF's oft-contentious environment. As such, his contributions go far beyond his many offices. Dr. John McCrary, past President of USCF, and past President of the US Chess Trust

Harold was a hero and a giant in the Chess world. He was also a friend. He will be missed.

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