First Annual Midwest Regional Attracts 39 Girls Over Thanksgiving

The first annual Midwest Regional All Girls & Women’s Tournament attracted 39 on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  There was fierce competition for the available trophies. There were medals for all of the participants, raffle prizes, and a free pizza lunch buffet with some really tasty desserts.

A generous donation from the US Chess Trust helped to allow this tournament to be run.  I think the girls enjoyed themselves and the chance to test their chess skills in an all-girl environment.

As there were no players for the under age 16 section, those trophies were awarded to players from the under age 14 section.  First place winners included Sara Gronski in the Under age 8 section, Yaazhini Dhamodharan in the Under age 10 section, Shanthi Saravanan in the Under age 12 section, Sophie Hong in the Under age 14 section, Shakira Luster for the Under age 16, and Jade Bates in the Under age 18 section.

Due to a large number of players from 1 school in the Under 14 section it was merged after the first round with the Under 18 section [remember there was no Under 16 players entered] and had the final game of the tournament between two of the top finishers.  This was an interesting game, and a really crazy final position.

Find the full final crosstable on MSA and more information on the Renaissance Knights homepage.

Find out more about our Women’s Initiative here. 

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