Elizabeth Spiegel on Open Files and the 7th Rank [VIDEO]

Renowned coach Elizabeth Spiegel returns to the US Chess Girls Club with a class on the 7th rank, a follow-up on her January session about Open Files. That class was a popular deep dive into how to get open files, and then how to use them. 

A bit from the Q+A in that video was popular on social media, where Elizabeth spoke about the dangers of negative self talk. 


In a preview to her upcoming class on the 7th rank, Elizabeth said: 

The important technique for the seventh rank is extending the seventh rank. I think of it as a really specific version of the rule that when you are winning you should try to open the position. Extending the seventh rank increases your rook's power and attacking strength, and can also make it harder for the king to evict you. We will look at a few examples of extending the seventh and the different purposes it can serve. 

The class, which will take place on March 4th at 5:30 PM EST is open to female US Chess members. You can join or renew here to be eligible. If you can't make it, we will post a version of the class on our Class in Session youtube playlist, now featuring over 40 videos by top players and influencers. 

Elizabeth will also be featured in a re-release of Brooklyn Castle, starting on March 5th.  The film will be followed by a conversation moderated by award-winning documentarian and journalist Soledad O’Brien with former students Rochelle Ballantyne and Oghenakpobo Efekoro (Pobo), as well as Elizabeth and John Galvin. Check brooklyncastle.com for theater listings and more information. 

Find out more about our programs at uschesswomen.org 




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