Friday in Nashville: Shoutouts and Staredowns

The first day is in the books at the Elementary National Championships in Nashville, and over two dozen players have perfect scores in the K-1, K-3, K-5 and K-6 Championship sections. IM Eric Rosen's spirited US Chess twitter takeover captured the spirit of these early rounds- top seeds mostly dominate with dramatic finales and plenty of personality along the way. Continuing along the trend set at the Junior and High School National Championships, participants wished World Championship challenger Fabiano Caruana good luck in his match this November against Magnus Carlsen. The battle cry in Nashville may have been the most spirited so far. Fabiano thanked his enthusiastic supporters. Special events on the first day of the Main Event included a tandem simul with Grandmasters Robert Hess and Irina Krush. The duo scored 24-0, but not without some doubt. Saturday will be an exciting day, with three rounds, and plenty of special events, including a live Perpetual Podcast broadcast, and Nazi Paikidze's appearance at the US Chess Women's Committee girls' room. You can also watch the top boards live at Find the results and standings pages here. Follow IM Eric Rosen’s twitter takeovers @USChess and join in the conversation using the hashtag #ElemChessChamps.

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