Electronic Device Policy for National Events Organized by US Chess

The following policy has been reviewed and approved by the US Chess Scholastic Council and US Chess Executive Board. It applies to all national events directly organized by US Chess, which are:

  • National K-12 Grade Championships
  • National High School (K-12) Championship
  • National Middle School (K-8) Championship
  • National Elementary (K-6) Championship
  • U.S. Open

1. Effective immediately, participants (upon starting their game) and spectators (where permitted) at tournaments directly organized by US Chess must not have on their person in the playing area any cell phone, smart watch, tablet, laptop, or other Internet-enabled device, except the following.

1.1. Electronic scoresheets approved by the regulations governing the tournament.

1.2. Other devices approved by US Chess prior to the event.

2. If a player with a game in progress is found to possess such a device, the game will be declared lost for the violating player, and the game will be submitted for rating purposes. A second such violation during the tournament will result in the same penalties, as well as removal from the tournament.

3. Exceptions to paragraph 2 may be specified for events covered by the Scholastic Regulations.

4. If a spectator is found to have such a device on his person, the offender will not be permitted to enter the playing hall for the remainder of the tournament.

5. If a player wishes to bring such a device into the tournament hall, the device must be turned off (not placed into “silent” or “airplane” mode) and placed either face-up on the table where the player has a game in progress, or placed into a bag that the player does not carry or open during the game in progress.

5.1. US Chess understands that players may not want to risk losing their devices. The recommended solution is to not bring them into the hall at all.

5.2. US Chess is not responsible for devices left in the playing hall.

6. Automatically exempt from this policy are the following.

6.1. US Chess staff with badges for the event.

6.2. Tournament staff with badges for the event.

6.3. Other individuals with badges for the event or prior written approval from the US Chess Director of Events.

7. Any exceptions must be approved by the US Chess Director of Events, in writing, at least three weeks before the event begins.

7.1. To request an exception, contact the US Chess Director of Events at boyd.reed@uschess.org.

7.2. If the request involves a medical situation, additional documentation may be necessary. This allows US Chess to fully understand the situation and have enough time to ensure the proper accommodations.

For more information contact US Chess Director of Events Boyd Reed at boyd.reed@uschess.org. Last edited August 31, 2019