Cover Stories with Chess Life #47.5: Caroline King

Cover Stories August 2022, Caroline King

My guest on this special edition of Cover Stories is Caroline King, the photographer who shot our July cover photo of the 2022 National High School Championship, which was held in Memphis in April. Caroline — the sister of previous guest Alex King, the author of our July cover story on the High School — was on-site in Memphis, taking some of the best photos of a US Chess event that I’ve seen in my time with the organization.

To my knowledge, that issue of Chess Life was the first time that a brother and sister were the author and photographer for the cover story. Alex and I spent a lot of time talking about the High School and Caroline’s photography, but it seemed kind of brotastic to be talking about Caroline and not talking to her. This is an attempt to fix that faux pas.

Please welcome Caroline King, who may be the first photographer ever featured on this program.

"Cover Stories with Chess Life" hosted by Chess Life and Chess Life Online Editor John Hartmann, goes in depth and behind the scenes of each month’s Chess Life cover story. 

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