Cover Stories with Chess Life #38: IM John Donaldson

Today’s guest on Cover Stories with Chess Life is the author of our July cover story, or, better, package of cover stories. He is also, in many ways, its subject, as is reflected by his presence on our July cover in a magisterial photo by Ian Spanier.


July 2021 Chess Life cover


International Master John Donaldson has done almost everything there is to do in the world of chess. Becoming an International Master in 1983, Donaldson has been a successful player, author, and team captain, piloting American teams in international play since at least 1986. For 20 years Donaldson ran the Chess Room at the Mechanics’ Institute in San Francisco; now retired, we will have to find out what lies ahead for him.

The author of at least a dozen books, his newest, Bobby Fischer and his World, is the nominal subject of our July cover story. John talks about the origins of the project, what he has learned since the book was published, and what Fischer mysteries remain unsolved. (Perhaps you can help solve them!) An excerpt is also included.

Cover Stories With Chess Life, Hosted By John Hartmann

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I use to think in the 50's and 60's and 70's that the only good chess book was written by Russians.Now we have Andy Soltis,John Donaldson,Jeremy Silman,and Bobby Fischer,Yasser Seirawan.I probably left someone out.Now the Russians are worried!

There were some good books from the US in those decades! My 60 Memorable Games was from 1968 if I remember right.

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