Chess Underground Season 1: Americana Debuts [PODCAST]

Episode 1: Chess with a brew? Chess in a zoo? A chess flash mob and a Bat signal, too? Welcome to US Chess’ latest podcast, Chess Underground,  the show that explores eccentricities, peculiarities, and theoretical novelties. Each season will be themed, with “Americana” headlining this first season. Going forward, this show will drop on the fourth Tuesday of each month. The inaugural installment of the Chess Underground will take you places you never quite thought chess would go. Whether you’re playing a tournament next to (or on) a palette of freshly bottled beer, with a live Polka band, near the lion’s den, or in secret hidden corners of government institutions, one thing is for certain: with Eric Vigil, anything goes. Chess Underground is hosted by NM Pete Karagianis, the US Chess Assistant Director of Events. Find a full index of US Chess podcasts here.  Look for Chess Underground on other platforms soon.