Chess Underground Features Micah Tuhy [PODCAST]

Welcome to US Chess’ latest podcast, Chess Underground,  the show that explores eccentricities, peculiarities, and theoretical novelties. Chess underground drops on the fourth Tuesday of every month. Episode two features one of the few living “Chess Historians,” Quora mega-guru and human anecdote supercomputer Micah Tuhy. What was the worst game of chess ever played? Is chess art, sport, battle, or something else entirely? Would you accept payment from Mikhail Tal – why, and how much? Grecian Phalanxes, poetry, the spires of the Kremlin, Botvinnik, Fischer, the dimensions of baseball, the origin of words, opera, yellow belts, and the existential experience of a single match. Take a deep breath and dive in. Chess Underground is hosted by NM Pete Karagianis, the US Chess Assistant Director of Events. Find a full index of US Chess podcasts here. You can now find all four US Chess Federation podcasts on iTunes, Cover Stories, One Move at a Time, Ladies Knight and the Chess Underground.