Chess 4 Charity Raises Money for Children's Cancer

Garrett and Gabby Heller
Many exciting events are slotted for National Chess Day weekend, including a charity tournament spearheaded by two youngsters, Gabby and Garrett Heller, to benefit Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation. The event will kick off with a lecture from reigning US Women's Chess Champion Sabina Foisor, followed by a four round tournament, and ending with a simul from Praveen Balakrishnan. Find more info in the  Chess 4 Charity flyer here. Gabby and Garrett explained to US Chess why they started Chess 4 Charity. "We wanted to show that even little kids could make a big difference. So far, through this non-profit organization, we have raised over $30,000 for children in need. This year, the money we raise is going to the Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation (CBTF), which helps children with brain cancer, as well as helping to do more research into childhood brain tumors. This is a very important area in today’s world, with cancer being the second highest cause of death.  We have so many volunteers to thank for making this possible from the enthusiastic chess players, to our volunteer TDs to our generous sponsors and all our other volunteers. We’d also like to thank Sabina Foisor, the US Women’s Chess Champion, who has volunteered to speak at the event. It’s not too late to donate - you can donate here to help support a great cause! While this is a local event, in Northern Virginia, near our Nation’s Capital, we aspire to grow nationwide. Please contact us at if you are interested in creating and hosting a similar Chess 4 Charity event in your city, to fundraise for a cause of your own choosing." Find out how you can participate on their website, and find the facebook event page here. Let us know what your National Chess Day plans are on our Facebook, twitter and instagram pages, using the hashtag #NationalChessDay. 

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