Changes to FIDE Regulations (July 1, 2019)

There are several changes to the regulations for FIDE-rated events that take effect Monday, July 1, 2019.  What we present here is not a compilation of every change.  Rather, it is a short list of the changes we feel are most likely to impact players, arbiters and organizers.  You can download copies of the July 1, 2019 regulations at the following links: Changes to Paragraph 6:  Drawing of lots and withdrawals 6.5:  A player who is absent without notifying the arbiter shall be considered as withdrawn (to have withdrawn), unless the absence is explained, with acceptable reasons, before the next pairing is published.  The rules of the competition may specify otherwise.
  • US Chess Comment: The older regulation mandated expulsion unless the Chief Arbiter decided otherwise.
6.8, (4)US Chess Comment … what has changed is that the part of this regulation that forbids taking a half-point bye in the last round has been removed.  However, for tournaments with 2 rounds in one day, the new regulations also remove the ability to take half-point byes in both rounds. Changes to Paragraph 7:  Team competitions and (the) Team Captain’s Role 7.1Addition of the following sentence … If the list (naming a team’s players) is not delivered by the appointed time, the team list for that round shall be the first named players in the list submitted by the required time before the start of the event.
  • US Chess Comment: A Team whose Captain fails to turn in the team’s list of players by the time specified for Round X of the event shall play according to their player list submitted before the start of the tournament.  We interpret this to mean the list submitted when the team entered the event, and not necessarily their “Round 1 Player List.”
7.2:  In L1 tournaments, at the start of any round a participating team has to be present with more than 50% players.  If not more than 50% or less of the players are present at the start of any round the players present are not allowed to start their games.  For other levels this is not obligatory, but recommended.
  • US Chess Comment: “L1 tournaments” are designated by FIDE.  Most US players participate in lower level events—L2 tournaments (FIDE titles and norms can be earned), or L3 events (FIDE-rated competitions).  So, for an L1 event, a team cannot begin play until more than half of their team is present.  For instance, in a 4-board event, it means at least 3 of the 4 team members must be present.
7.7A change to the last sentence of paragraph 7.7 … The player can also ask his captain if he may offer or accept a draw.
  • US Chess Comment: Previously, the regulation stated, “The player can also ask his captain if he may propose a draw.”  Now a team member can ask his/her captain whether to offer or accept a draw.  Please note that this ability may be restricted by the published rules for the tournament.