Back to School with Benko

With the new school year starting, chess clubs and scholastics resume. Some countries, such as Armenia, have made chess a mandatory part of the curriculum. I certainly agree that chess helps logical thinking, problem solving and foresight. Beyond that, chess problems add artistic elements. So today, I present some Back to School (BTS), ABC and 123 problems for some students who are just getting back into the problem solving spirit! I. B:
Mate in Two Show Solution
II. T:
Mate in Three Show Solution
 1.c8Q   Kxa7   2.Bc6 
Mate in Three Show Solution
1.Rf6+  Kxg4  2. Bg5 Kh5  3.Bf3  mate  
IV. A 
Mate in Four Show Solution
1.Rd3  Kxc4   2.Rac3+  Kb4   3. Rxc5  Kxa4    4.Rc4   mate
V. B 
Mate in Two Show Solution
Mate in Three Show Solution
 1.Kh4  Kg7  2. Rf7+ 
VII. 1 
Mate in Two Show Solution
Mate in Two Show Solution
IX. 3
Mate in Three Show Solution
1.Ke4  Kxe6    2.Rd3  Kf6     3. Rd6 mate

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