AMA with Jennifer Shahade on US Chess Facebook Live

  With more people at home, US Chess is looking to bring you even more content to offer entertainment and education, including our extensive coverage of the Candidates. On the first rest day of the event on Friday, Women's Program Director Jennifer Shahade will be hosting an AMA on March 20th at 2 PM ET on our Facebook page at You can ask her about anything* from chess improvement, her US Chess podcast, to thoughts on the Candidates or US Chess Women. If you can't make it, feel free to ask a question via email or on a comment to this thread. *No questions on official US Chess response to COVID-19, which can be directed to


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You had better believe this....Again The Jennifer media world is one hundred percent the total future of world chess...chess for the entire world with 800,000,000 chess phone app users in 180 chess nations on one survey..CHESS TO THE WORLD...all games must be played in one hour flat or less/ NEVER LEAVE THE BOARD DURING PLAY...two games per opponent with sudden death Armageddon tie breaker and no tie result round ever allowed... and no draw by agreement ever allowed in world rated play.KNOCKOUT ONLY TO PREVENT FRAUD BY DRAW/FIXED GAMES....... All world title play will include one player from 180 Fide chess nations (PLUS the entire WORLD TOP 50 GRANDMASTERS!~!)precisely as incredible wonder man world chess federation (FIDE) president A. Dvorkovic just personally hammered home in his nifty FIDE World Chess Cup. Everybody plays period...the World Series of Chess . ... WITH NO MONEY EVER PAID OUT IN fabulous MASSIVELY SUPERVISED ONLINE PELIMINARY QUALIFICATION TOURNEYS OF COURSE..MOVE TO CASH FINALS FOR LIVE MULTI MILLION DOLLAR MEDIA PLAY ONLY IN LIVE ON LOCATION KNOCKOUT PLAY WITH 180 PLAYERS FROM AROUND THE WORLD.Have crack .tremendous ,appropriately suspicious .ruthless no nonsense allowed arbiters Mr. Bill Goichberg Mr. Ben Finegold and Mr. Larry Kaufmann referee at final MULTI million dollar Coca-Cola/Nike cash venue with guns in hand to shoot all cheaters cited by the New York Times in a full page Sunday expose edition article last weekend!..... then... WORLD CHESS CHAMPION CARLSEN PLAYS THE WINNER...period. Chess is with soccer...the worlds leading game.Let us all get serious ..start acting to promote it in le grande manner like The Jennifer..If you can't see it is not. Let us quit hiding chess.Time to roll. We can do this people. Jude Acers/ New Orleans Ps Coca Cola has just signed on big time as a FIDE world chess federation sponsor! Now we are talking turkey and potatoes. When The Jennifer gets through they will also back US Chess with millions as the Uber tracks to every chess location in America are ALREADY laid by 80 largely hidden US CHESS years ...because US Chess is flat last to arrive at the mega pro chess train will now be first. It will seize the day.

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