The 3rd International Koltanowski Conference on Chess in Education

July 29-30, 2021

Cherry Hill, New Jersey

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Sponsored by the US Chess Trust

2021 Koltanowski Conference on Chess in Education to be Held Just Prior to U.S. Open Chess Championship

The 2021 Koltanowski Conference on Chess in Education will be held July 29-30, 2021, at the Cherry Hill, N.J., Crowne Plaza, where the U.S. Chess Open Championship will be held. The Conference will explore many practical topics. Presenters are eminent in their fields.

Presentations will discuss:

  • Chess and neuroscience
  • Possible preventive effects of chess on Alzheimer’s Chess philanthropy
  • Creating a chess curriculum
  • Linking chess to STEM and Artificial Intelligence Chess as an equalizer for those with disabilities And other topical ideas in chess and education
  • Question-and-answer sessions will follow each presentation

The 2021 Koltanowski Conference on Chess in Education is held in honor of Dr. Tim Redman, founder of the championship Chess Program at The University of Texas at Dallas. Dr.

Redman organized the first (2001) and second (2011) Koltanowski Conferences on Chess in Education.

The 2021 conference will be held in-person with a limited audience. It will be live-streamed online and available for later viewing.

2021 Koltanowski Conference on Chess in Education is sponsored by the U.S. Chess Trust.

Date Held: July 29-30, 2021

Location: Crowne Plaza Hotel in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

For more information, contact:

Al Lawrence, or Beatriz Marinello,

For more details go to:

COVID-19 policies apply: Face masks and social distancing will be in effect for the limited audience. If you wish to attend in-person, please fill out this form: conference-on-chess-in-education-registration/


I look forward to hearing these presenters listed on the US Chess Trust website. The Chess in Education Coalition would like to help promote this event to a broader audience via our website. To do that, we need to explain how to gain live access to these sessions. 1) When will we get information about live streaming of this event? There is nothing on the US Chess Trust site yet. 2) Will the Q&A sessions after each session be open to streaming participants? Neil Dietsch, Managing Director Chess in Schools

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