2023 US Chess Executive Board Election Results: UPDATE JULY 19


The Chief Teller has concluded the recount and provided the following statement: 

“During the recount process it was discovered that a tabulation error in Lakshmana “Vish” Viswanath’s initial tally was made by the Teller. His vote tally on the initial mail-in count should have been 347 instead of 282.”

This error took place with the paper ballots and not the electronic ballots.

The final numbers are:

David Hater  1008
John Fernandez 872
Vish Viswanath  819
Leila D’Aquin  789
Fun Fong  746
David Day  696

Other vote totals changed by small numbers based on the results of the recount. Note that the top four vote getters overall did not change and they are elected to four-year terms starting at the conclusion of the Delegates’ Meeting.


The Chief Teller has reported the following results for the 2023 US Chess Executive Board (EB) Election. The Chief Teller is calling the results “provisional” for reasons explained further below.

David Hater 1009
John Fernandez 863
Leila D'Aquin  789
Vish Viswanath 752
Fun Fong 748
David Day 701

The top four are elected to four-year terms on the EB starting at the conclusion of the 2023 Delegates’ Meeting on August 5 or August 6 (whichever day the meeting concludes).

The difference between Vish Viswanath and Fun Fong is four votes, or 0.5%. Mike Nietman, the Election Committee Chair, has asked for a recount to verify the results due to this closeness. The Chief Teller is unable to conduct the recount for several days. He will secure the ballots in a sealed box until the time he has the ability to perform the recount. This is expected to be no longer than a week. This post will be updated with a final tally when it is available.