2022 U.S. Amateur Team Playoff Set for Sunday

The 2022 United States Amateur Team Championship playoff will take place on Sunday, November 13th. Earlier this year each region held separate events to crown the champion of their territory. Each team is required to have an average rating of under 2200. The Internet Chess Club (ICC) will host this US Chess national championship event for the 15th consecutive year. The winning team from the South was unable to participate, and the runner up team will be taking their place.

Each participant will compete with multiple video feeds to ensure fair play along with a US Chess certified Tournament director at each playing site.

The representing team and their rosters (in order of their January 2022 US Chess supplement ratings) are:

North: UChicago B (GM Awonder Liang, GM Praveen Balakrishnan, William Graif, Brian Hu)

South: ChessHub (Carlos Gaston Andretta, Emmanuel Carter, Miguel Recio, Dereck Laureano)

East: ICN (Lev Paciorkowski, Bahadur Hodzhamkulyyev, Kenneth Fernandez, Jon Rigai)

West: Cal A (IM Kesav Viswanadha, Daniel Lin, Christopher Pan, Sadia Qureshi)

There will be two semifinal matches. The winning team of each semifinal match will play in the final. The team that wins the final match will be declared 2022 US Amateur Team Champions! Each member of the winning team will receive commemorative watches in addition to their national title.

The venue will be the Internet Chess Club. Play begins at 1:00 p.m. Eastern time. The time control will be game in 90 minutes with a 5-second delay. The playoff format is a single-elimination bracket with two rounds. The Championship round will start at one hour after the completion of the semifinal matches.

The Chief Tournament Director will be NTD Jordan Langland assisted by NTD Tom Langland . The ICC administrator will be William “BillScotty” Scott. US Chess thanks ICC for their continued partnership in hosting this event.