2018 US Chess Federation All-America Chess Team Announced

(Crossville, TN) The United States Chess Federation is pleased to announce the 2018 All-America Chess Team. Team members will be presented with their team jackets and plaques at the 2017 National K-12 Grade Championships to be held December 8th through the 10th in Orlando, Florida at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. The All-America Chess Team was created in 1987 to honor the very best players ages 18 and under. The team, one of the highest national honors attainable by a young chess player, is selected on the basis of age, rating, and chess activity during that year, similar to the selection process of "all conference" sports teams. This year's candidates were selected based on their age as of January 1, 2017, and their peak post-tournament rating from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017. Since this award is a "post-season" selection, the minimum rating limits in each age group are reviewed annually by US Chess staff and the US Chess Scholastic Council. The United States Chess Federation wishes to congratulate each of the 74 members of this year’s All-America Chess Team for receiving this prestigious award!

2018 US Chess All-America Chess Team
Age 18 (Min. Rating 2500)  
Kayden Troff UT
Luke Harmon-Vellotti ID
Mika Andrew Brattain MA
Age 17 (min. rating 2450)  
Akshat Chandra MO
Andrew Tang MN
Kesav Viswanadha CA
Age 16 (min. rating 2400)  
Jeffery Xiong TX
Samuel Sevian MA
Cameron Wheeler CA
Craig Hilby CA
Vignesh Panchanatham CA
John Gabriel Ludwig FL
Roland Feng WA
Joshua Sheng CA
Bryce Tiglon WA
Zhaozhi Li IL
Ethan Li NY
Age 15 (min. rating 2400)  
Ruifeng Li TX
John Michael Burke NJ
Nicolas Checa NY
Albert Lu CA
Age 14 (min. rating 2350)  
David Brodsky NY
Advait Patel OK
Praveen Balakrishnan VA
Rayan Taghizadeh CA
Ben Li MI
Aravind Kumar NJ
Jennifer Yu VA
Age 13 (min. rating 2300)  
Awonder Liang WI
Hans Moke Niemann CT
Brandon Jacobson NJ
Carissa Shiwen Yip MA
David Tianjian Peng IL
Justin Chen NY
Josiah Paul Stearman CA
Ivan Ke CA
Age 12 (min. rating 2250)  
Andrew Zhang Hong CA
Nikhil Kumar FL
Christopher Shen OH
Andy Huang VA
Wesley Wang NY
Age 11 (min. rating 2200)  
Justin Wang TX
Anthony Bi He WA
Maximillian Lu CT
Balaji Daggupati CA
Robert Shlyakhtenko CA
Vincent Tsay NY
Kevin D Chor AZ
Daniel Hung TX
Age 10 (min. rating 2100)  
Christopher Woojin Yoo CA
Nico Werner Chasin NY
Arthur Guo GA
Jason Yuyang Wang OH
Eddy Tian NJ
Derek Clasby NJ
Rithik Sai Polavaram TX
Rochelle Wu AL
Eric M Zhang WA
Nathaniel Lande Shuman NY
Ming Lu CA
Shelev Oberoi TX
Age 9 (min. rating 2000)  
Arthur Xu IL
Derek Jin MA
Eric Yuhan Li CA
Sandeep Sethuraman AZ
Age 8 & Under (min. rating 1900)  
Liran Zhou NY
Abhimanyu Mishra NJ
Dimitar Mardov IL
Marvin Gao FL
Luke Sicong Ye MO
Sriram Kriishnakumar CA
Liam Henry Putnam NY
Brian Huang CA
Steve Wongso AZ


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WE MUST SPEED UP WORLD CHESS RATED GAMES/TITLE ELIGIBLE EVENTS OR WE WILL LOSE THIS FABULOUS ENTIRE WONDERFUL GENERATION OF PLAYERS AS THEY GO OFF TO COLLEGE OR ABANDON CHESS TOTALLY. Because of the spread out geography of our nation many young players often do not have even one weekly all fide /rapid or blitz WORLD RATED event to play in near their homes.Slow time controls are now the deadly enemy of world chess promotion, denying great INTERNTIONSL CHESS TITLE opportunity for all these wonderful players in our nation. (GET THOSE FAST AS POSSIBLE world rated FIDE/UNIVERSAL RATING ONE SYSTEM GAMES OVER WITH SO THE NEXT ROUND CAN START! THE MORE FIDE RATED/URS RATED GAMES THE BETTER FOR CHESS PERIOD!). SLOW PUBLIC CHESS destroys chess rather than elevates it. No teacher, doctor/ attorney/ busy parent/chess sponsor or professional person often has even two or three hours to spare to play a single game of chess and the 600 million (600,000,000) worldwide CHESS PHONE APP USERS (AGON SURVEY)..the entire world viewing internet audience ..will not often sit through them.99 PERCENT OF ALL GAMES PLAYED DAILY TODAY LAST FAR LESS THAN AN HOUR.Why therefore do we even rate a time control the public absolutely refuses to watch or play? The horrendous multi million dollar costly Agon mistake of 20 days in New York for a WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Carlsen match largely ignored by millions right in the city was capped by Agon's great finaltriumph...their proper frenzied thriller in one final day where great players Carlsen and Karjakin really got down to business in a one afternoon thriller tie break for the chess championship of the world... which is what chess really is .. a great public spectacle right now rather than sleepy nonsense. All great players can play fabulously well and often with quick time controls and in the future no one will ever once be allowed to leave the board during world computer broadcast monitored games.SLOW CHESS IS USED AS AN EXCUSE TO DENY GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO PLAYERS IN IOWA/ALASKA/WYOMING and is the privileged elite mecca of chess coaches and isolated wealthy chess centers. Quick chess prevents almost 100 percent of computer cheating and is thrilling. Finally if you are badly beaten on occasion as everyone absolutely experiences.. the tourney is by no means over Jose.....there are 8 more world rated FIDE /universal rating system/title eligible games to go! Such real deal chess must come to all 50 states pronto. Grandmaster level world championship candidates Fide player WILLIAM ADDISON told me in 1969 " people kid themselves that Fischer and the real pros need all that time to think ..what you get with Fischer is a miniature tourney game in five minutes blitz chess.The people who do not study, don't know what they are doing just stall around." Do you want hundreds of millions of spectators or do you wish chess to be played in the dark, in a closet, ignored and laughed at.....Ranchers, janitors, poicemen, grocers have an absolute right to play world chess too.... murderous one hour games will do nicely even for the world chess championship.. and no time added..NEVER RESIGN/ NO DRAW OFFERS EVER ALLOWED AT TOP LEVEL..ONLY THE ARBITER MAY DECLARE A DRAW UPON STOPPED CLOCK PLAYER REQUEST...ARBITER MAY DECLARE NO CONTEST 0-0 AT ANY TIME IF THE PLAYERS DO NOT ACTUALLY PLAY..sudden death all the way when the flag drops,no time increment, no added time,one time control only! Respect all chess players and all time controls that the public will gladly watch. Blitz/rapid chess players are not a joke, they are a marvelous part of our world chess family and should never be overlooked. Indeed..they really are the chess world. Many will disagree but this is reality patio. I like all chess time controls and my own best games published all over the world where I scored against world famous grandmasters were ALL slow time controls...I would prefer the slower tempo otherwise. But that is JUST TOUGH.. Chess is for everyone NOT JUST ME..Slow chess is just selfish elitism and kills chess for most people, kills spectator interest and indeed kills chess itself. Jude Acers / New Orleans

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Abhimanyu Mishra is winner

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