2018 Pan-Am Youth Qualifiers Announced

Contact: Grant Oen FIDE Events Manager for US Chess grant.oen@uschess.org The US Chess Federation is pleased to announce that twelve players have qualified as Official Representatives to represent the United States in their age categories at the 2018 Pan American Youth Chess Championships scheduled for July 21 – 29 in Santiago, Chile. These players earned this honor by achieving the highest rating in their age and gender categories according to US Chess’s February 2018 rating supplement. These players are considered the Official U.S. Representatives in their age groups.  In addition, fifteen players who qualified on the basis of their gold medal performances in the 2017 Pan American Youth Festival or 2017 North American Youth Championship have earned the right to be Personal Rights Representatives of the U.S. for the 2018 Pan American Youth Championship. If an Official Representative (listed below) in an age category declines to attend, then the highest rated player, according to the US Chess February 2018 rating supplement, in that category who is registered with the organizers and with the US Chess Office by April 30th will be considered the Official U.S. Representative. All Personal Rights players who plan to attend must also register with the organizers and with the US Chess office by the April 30th deadline. Official representatives and personal rights players receive an $800 travel stipend and free coaching, and are reimbursed for hotel, entry fees, and administrative fees.  Travel and any fees for accompany persons are the player’s responsibility.  Any “extra” players are responsible for all fees, and are welcome to coaching for an additional fee. The Pan American Youth is an open tournament for players who live in the Americas.  Any US Chess member who meets the age requirement for an age group may play. Players register for the tournament with the organizers and through US Chess.  A player’s age for this tournament is his/her age as of January 1, 2018.  Only the Official U.S. Representatives and Personal Rights players from the previous Pan American Youth are eligible to receive financial support from US Chess.  Find more info on US Chess invitation requirements.  As the national federation, US Chess completes the registration with the tournament organizers for all U.S. players. For registration and payment details, please contact Grant Oen, FIDE Events Manager for US Chess at grant.oen@uschess.org.  Players listed below should contact Mr. Oen immediately to confirm player information. More info on the 2018 Pan American Youth Championships can be found here. Congratulations to the following players who have qualified as the Official U.S. Representatives to the 2018 Pan American Youth Championships! U-8 Open – Aren Emrikian – IL U-8 Girls – Rachael Li – TX U-10 Open – Liran Zhou – NY U-10 Girls – Sophie Velea – WA U-12 Open – Arthur Guo – GA U-12 Girls – Rochelle Wu – AL U-14 Open – Andrew Hong – CA U-14 Girls – Martha Samadashvili – NY U-16 Open – Awonder Liang – WI U-16 Girls – Jennifer Yu – VA U-18 Open – Jeffery Xiong – TX U-18 Girls – Annie Wang – CA These players achieved gold medals at the 2017 Pan American Youth and are team members qualifying by Personal Rights: Omya Vidyarthi – CA Eric Yuhan Li – CA Nico Chasin – NY Aristo Liu – OH The following players also qualify by Personal Rights by achieving gold medals at the 2017 North American Youth: Iris Zhaoying Mou – NY Kevin Duong – NY Stephanie Velea – WA Liran Zhou – NY Annapoorni Meiyappan – CA Maximillian Lu – CT Ellen Wang – NY Queen Deng – CA Christopher Yoo – CA Bryce Tiglon – WA Evelyn Zhu – NY

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