Carissa Yip to Appear in Girls Club Session on the Uncastled King

IM Carissa Yip, who has started an initiative to raise money for COVID-19 relief via her twitch channel, will be the next guest in our online Girls Club seminar on May 14 at 6 PM EDT. Girls are encouraged to sign up using this google form.  Previous guests included WGM Tatev Abrahamyan,  WGM Sabina Foisor and WFM Ellen Wang. These sessions are currently geared toward girls rated at or Under 1700 and we base the content on the level of the respondents. To spread guests like Carissa's wisdom to all genders and ages, we'll post highlights from these sessions in our"> YouTube and social media. Please fill out this survey of interest to give input in preferred guests, levels and time frames for session for both boys and girls. 


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Would like to kk now more information

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My daughter Eleyn is interested in being coached in Chess. Her rating is about 1100 and she is 7th grade, 13yrs old.

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Willing to learn new concepts

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There's a link to the form in the article to sign up for Carissa's class and here it is again: Thanks for your interest!

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Jen we have six with interest now! We got a few USCF membership reups for you all. Looking forward to it Carissa. See you all tonight

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