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It seems strange to call that row of zeros on a digital chess clock a “flag fall.” The term is left over from the days when analog clocks were the...… Read More »
US Chess is excited to announce a new, entry level US Chess rated correspondence chess (CC) event, to be held on the International Correspondence...… Read More »
US Chess announces the 2021 National Online Scholastic Championships (NOSC). This event is intended as the online replacement for the now-cancelled… Read More »
The world chess organization recently published its own set of online chess rules, including new rules for Hybrid Chess competitions.Read More »
So-called “unfair advantages” in chess wear many costumes but, in the end, it is still a protest about those alleged advantages.Read More »
The 2021 US Chess / ICC Rapids are CLOSING FOR ENTRIES! Final Entry Deadline is February 3! US Chess is proud to announce, in partnership with the...… Read More »
US Chess is hiring a Ratings and Technical Manager, a 40+ hour position with US Chess. This position is responsible for event ratings, overseeing...… Read More »
The marriage of over-the-board (OTB) wood pushing with the online universe produced a whole new set of unforeseen concerns—or unintended consequences… Read More »
The US Chess championship event is scheduled for January 3-6, 2021 and will be held on More »
Has anyone considered hiring bad guys to catch the chess cheaters?Read More »

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