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In his May 2020 "Chess to Enjoy" column in Chess Life, GM Andy Soltis offered readers a number of "Turing Test" positions, where the idea was to try… Read More »
The Kasparov Chess Foundation (KCF) and Saint Louis Chess Club have been running the very successful Young Stars program for the past six… Read More »
Some chess variants and sub-genres are well-known to American audiences. Go to any big scholastic tournament and you will see dozens of “buggers”… Read More »
Hikaru Nakamura was crowned Grand Chess Tour Champion on December 17 in London after a tight match against the #2 rated blitz player in… Read More »
This year’s participants: on the left Rochelle Wu (California), Abhimanyu Mishra (New Jersey), Christopher Yoo (California), Brandon Jacobson, (New… Read More »
To give us some perspective on how incredible Xiong's performance has been so far, let's compare his results to many of the world's best in the… Read More »
This year's Olympiad featured a riveting fight by the U.S. Women's team and a tie for 1st (winning Silver by tiebreaks) by the U.S. Open team. Test… Read More »
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