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This week, all of our puzzles come from the recently concluded 2023 New York Winter Norm Invitationals tournaments. Five players earned IM norms...… Read More »
The 2023 Pan-American Intercollegiate Championship took place in Seattle from January 5-8. Look no further for some energetic and sharp college chess… Read More »
On Wednesdays, we solve tactics. And, on some Wednesdays, we solve six tactics from a single memorable blitz game. GM Magnus Carlsen's toughest...… Read More »
The puzzles for this week's Wednesday Workout are drawn from the broadcast games at this year's K-12 Grade Championships. As always, you can solve...… Read More »
For this very prestigious edition of the Wednesday Workout, all tactics are selected from the recent-concluded Mr. Dodgy Invitational. With games all… Read More »
To express our gratitude for a successful Giving Tuesday, we at US Chess have decided to show off some of the kindest gifts that our staff have given… Read More »
The Charlotte Chess Center’s 29th GM/IM Norm Invitational ended with six players earning norms, including two who earned the coveted FIDE Master (FM… Read More »