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John Walton is the winner of the 18Q08 Trophy Quad with a perfect 6/6 score.Read More »
John Millett has won the 2015 Electronic Knights Championship.Read More »
John Walton of Pullman, Washington, showed his Master’s rating in this John Collins event scoring a perfect 6-0.Read More »
IM Oliver Koo of Ohio has won the 21st United States Correspondence Chess Championship.Read More »
Burmeister wins 2017 Electronic Knights Ferdinand Burmeister (courtesy subject) Ferdinand Burmeister has won the 2017 Electronic Knights with a...… Read More »
Michael Buss has done it again! Michael Buss (courtesy of subject) Adding to his record of tied for first in the 2006 Golden Knights, clear second in… Read More »
Now that we are practicing social distancing, the weekend Swiss tournaments are cancelled, and the local chess club is closed (all through the...Read… Read More »
Joseph Hawkins (courtesy of subject) Joseph Hawkins of Bald Head Island, North Carolina has won a Class A section of the Walter Muir Quad. [pgn]...… Read More »
Vaughn Gregg Vaughn Gregg of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has won first place in a 2018 Trophy Quad, Presented here is an example of his defensive skills… Read More »
Victor Palciauskas, World Champion 1978-1984 In honor of Victor Palciauskas winning the World Correspondence Chess Championship, US Chess initiated… Read More »

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