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This week's Wednesday Workout features puzzles pulled from games played at the 2023 National Elementary School Championship May 12 through 14 in...… Read More »
A memorable weekend came to a close on Mother's Day in Baltimore, MD, as the final two rounds of the National Elementary School Championship… Read More »
Over 2,100 players from 38 states competed in Baltimore, Maryland to determine the nation’s top elementary school players; New York schools win all… Read More »
With five rounds in the books at the 2023 National Elementary School (NES) Championships in Baltimore, MD, the stage is set for "Championship Sunday… Read More »
If turnouts were ratings, the 2023 National Elementary School (NES) Championships would be sitting at board three in the K-6 Championship, board two… Read More »
This weekend, May 12 through 14, the US Chess National Elementary School (K-6) Championship takes place in Baltimore, MD! This national event… Read More »
Inaugural HBCU Classic Carves a Space For Black Collegiate Chess Community A Historic Occasion Chess might be 1,500 years old, but on Saturday, April… Read More »
Morning rain and cooler weather on Sunday meant that the outdoor pools were closed at the National Middle School Championship site. But chess players… Read More »
1,251 players from 35 states competed in Round Rock, Texas near Austin to determine the nation’s top middle school chess players ROUND ROCK, TEXAS...… Read More »
The National Middle School Championship has over 1,250 players. Franc Guadalupe, Chief Tournament Director, says 1,260 players registered. Bill… Read More »