Judy Misner
Judith (Judy) Misner, our Director of Administration, is retiring on May 27 after almost 52 years working for US Chess. She was hired on October 12,… Read More »
FM Mariia Berdnyk
While many are writing about what is going on in Ukraine, and many are speaking out in a time when Twitter and streaming technologies give voice to… Read More »
USCF logo
US Chess is sad to announce the departure of two long-time employees, Joan DuBois and Traci Lee, effective November 10, 2020. Joan, who was… Read More »
The November 2019 edition of “Cover Stories with Chess Life” is now live! This monthly podcast, hosted by Senior Director of Strategic Communication… Read More »
One of Nakamura's greatest tournament performances was his victory at Tata Steel 2011, which was one of the few times in history that an American has… Read More »
Ray Robson is one of the top 10 grandmasters in the country and within the top 100 players in the world. He was a member of the Gold Medalist 2016 U.… Read More »
Wesley So after winning the 2017 U.S. Championship. Photo: Lennart Ootes Wesley So 2017 U.S. Champion, World Top 10 Player, and Super-Grandmaster US… Read More »
Nazi Paikidze after winning the 2018 US Women's Championship. Photo: Lennart Ootes Nazi Paikidze 2018 and 2016 U.S. Women's Champion and… Read More »
Fabiano Caruana reenacting his 2014 Sinquefield Cup victory pose. Photo: Lennart Ootes Fabiano Caruana 2018 World Championship Challenger… Read More »
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