Wednesday Workout: Checkmates with Reinfeld, Part 2

To honor the publication of CLO columnist Alex Dunne’s newest book, Fred Reinfeld: The Man Who Taught America Chess, with 282 Games, this week’s Wednesday Workout consists of ten tricky mate puzzles drawn from Reinfeld’s games. Last week we looked at mate-in-one and mate-in-twos, but this week we’re going to really test you with checkmates ranging from three-movers to eight-movers!

Fred Reinfeld by Alex Dunne (photo courtesy McFarland)

As always, Workouts consist of diagrams to solve with answers given below. (No fair peeking!) The colored dot on the right side of the board signifies the side to move.

Mate in threes

Mates in fours

Mate in five

Mate in seven

Mate in eight!



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