GM William Lombardy Memorial and Blitz Set for November 28 in NYC

In memory of one of the greatest legends of American chess, William Lombardy (1937-2017), the Marshall Chess Club plans a FIDE Rated Memorial Blitz. Find details below.


WHAT: GM William Lombardy Memorial and Blitz.

WHEN: Tuesday, November 28th ∕ 7- 10 pm

WHERE: The Marshall Chess Club ∕ 23 W 10th St ∕ New York NY


9-SS, G/3 +2. FIDE Blitz Rated. $2500 Guaranteed! $600-450
350-250- 150; top U2400/unr, U2200, U2000, U1800: $100 each;
Top Senior (born in/before 1955): $100-50; Top Junior (born
in/after 2001): $100-50. EF: $25; Non-MCC Mbr: Additional $25
Mbr Fee. GMs Free. Reg: 6:15-6:45pm. Rds: Begin at 7pm and
continue ASAP. Max three byes; request at entry. Register
online: 23 W 10th St /
NYC / 212-477- 3716.

CONTACT: Bryan Quick ∕ MCC Executive Director ∕ 212 477 3716 ∕

[email protected]




  1. Sad news. He was abandoned by the chess community when he was evicted in New York, and died living with others to help him. One of the greats, I met him months before he died, while he was in Iowa City, Iowa. Lucky i got to buy his book, which he personally autographed it for me.

  2. “abandoned by the chess community when he was evicted in New York, and died living with others to help him” ?? (posted by someone using the handle “Roger Kromphardt”)

    “the chess federation didn’t give Mr Lombardy the repeat (sic – probably meant to write ‘respect’) he earned and deserved” ?? (posted by someone using the handle “Dan”)

    I see that Russian trollbots are not limited to Facebook or electoral politics, but seem to be plaguing the US Chess website as well!

    It is common knowledge among chess people in NY that the chess community rallied around GM Lombardy, did their best to advocate for him, and some even took him into their homes, during the period surrounding his eviction. As for the idea that the chess federation screwed him, Lombardy himself felt that way at times; that does not make it true.

    Jon Jacobs
    (Active New York chess competitor, club member and author)

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