The TD Show Episode 7 - Starting Games: The Clock

The TD Show This week's “The TD Show” topic will be "Starting Games: The Clock" and will air at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific on Thursday, June 11 on the US Chess Twitch channel at The show will be hosted by NTD Chris Bird and this week’s guest will be NTD Bob Messenger. We will discuss the various rules surrounding setting your clock at the beginning of the game such as which type of clock takes priority, who gets to choose which clock is used and where to put it, what do you do if one or both players are late and how does this affect the previous issues and who is responsible for setting the clock. Please note that we will not actually be setting clocks and running through how to set the various models! For folks tuning in live, Twitch will provide some interaction between the show and the audience, allowing you to ask questions in real-time and we’ll also finish each episode with some light-hearted fun in the form of trivia based on the topic discussed. However, if you cannot tune in live, each episode will be archived in the TD Videos playlist at the US Chess YouTube Channel. Schedule for upcoming The TD Show episodes: June 18 - Touch Move with NTD Harold Stenzel June 25 - Tie-Breaks (non monetary) with NTD Enrique Huerta July 2 - Determination and Completion of move with ANTD Steve Lampkin July 9 - Spectators with NTD Tom Brownscombe July 16 - Scoresheets with ANTD Alan Hodge July 23 - 50-move Rule with NTD Mike Regan July 30 - Player Conduct - Behavior with NTD Mike Hoffpauir August 6 - Player Conduct - Using Additional Resources with ANTD Jim Hodina Replay last week's episode here:

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