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James Tracz 2011 Golden Knights Champion

James Tracz of Farmington Hills, Michigan is the clear winner of the 2011 Golden Knights Championship, an improvement over his tie for first  place in the 2006 eventCeding only a draw in each of the three rounds, Tracz cruised to a victory over runners-up Patrick Ryan and Thomas Chromczak.



John Collins

Allen Woollen 17C16 6-0


Rick Johnson   17V02   6-0

Barry Walker and David McCann tied for first in John Collins Memorial 16C11.  McCann finished with an undefeated score but ceded three draws.

Patrick Schilling of Rochester Hills. Michigan won the 2017 John Collins  Memorial 17C09 with an undefeated 5-1 score.   Unfortunately I have no scores to show his victory.

Cesar Tamondong of Redwood City, California  scored 5 ½ – ½ to win the 2018 Swift Quad 18SQ06.

In this game Pedersen sacrifices a Pawn to gain the initiative, but soon finds himself in full retreat as Tamondong scores the point.


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1 Menke, John R IL USA 2513
2 Buss, Michael IN USA 2459
3 Ingersol, Harry CA USA 2433
4 Tseng, Wilbur IL USA 2428
5 Adams, Gary AZ USA 2410
6 Tracz, James MI USA 2399
7 Bonsack, Laurence CA USA 2389
8 Rizzo, Robert NY USA 2373
9 Connelly, Thomas VA USA 2365
10 Walters, Gary OH USA 2364
11 Magat, Gordon NY USA 2362
12 Rodriguez, Keith FL USA 2361
13 Daves, Dana NC USA 2358
=13 Miettinen, Kristo NY USA 2358
15 Lewis, Chris VA USA 2352
16 Levine, Joel NY USA 2345
17 Procopi, John DE USA 2344
18 Burmeister, Ferdinand CA USA 2339
19 Corkum, Tim WI USA 2336
20 Jacobs, Charles AK USA 2333
21 Ellis, James GA USA 2330
22 Cross, Gregory TX USA 2323
23 Millett, John CA USA 2314
=23 Ratner, Boris AZ USA 2314
25 Ryan, Patrick NJ USA 2311
26 Rogers, Bradley MI USA 2257
27 Grabove, Matthew AB FOR 2252
=27 Funston, David CA USA 2252
29 Porter, David MD USA 2250
30 Barber, Richard CO USA 2238


A Queen sacrifice enters a winning endgame.

Quote: Correspondence chess usually produces some of the best games that your ability will permit you to play — Mike Henebry

2011 Golden Knights Games

In the end the more aggressive White pieces determine the winner.

Faced with the destructive power of … Rf2+  White tries to resist with 27. Bf5.  It does not work.

White does not use the 1-2 punch here;  it’s the 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 punch.


  1. One quick erratum, in the game Edward Addis – James Tracz after 18. … Bb4, the annotation says “[Black completes his development and White’s bishop pair do not give him enough compensation for the pawn.]” But White had already regained his pawn, so material is even at that point.

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