The Check is in the Mail: November 2019

Justin Davis (courtesy subject)

Justin Davis of Buena Park, California  has won the 17P01 Victor Palciauskas tournament.  Justin, 45, returning to postal chess after a 15 year layoff, shows he hasn’t lost the magic touch.


US Team Qualifies !

The United States has qualified for the 21st Correspondence Chess Olympiad Final.  The competing teams are Germany, Russia, Spain, United States, Belarus Austria, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Portugal, Luxembourg, and England.  Good skill and good chess to the US team!


John Collins

John Walton  18C08     6-0

The 30th World Championship has been won by Andrey Kochemasov of Russia.  The championship was notable for the great number of draws between the competitors.  Kochemasov won the title with a score of two wins and 14 draws.  Overall, the tournament had only nine decisive results out of 272 games or about 3 % of the result.

Here is the champion in action.

It’s not the material plus that counts, it is the material in play.


Dale Brandreth (courtesy subject) 

Dale Brandreth, born 17 December 1931, died 9 September 2017.  Dale was well-known as a book dealer, editor, and author of chess books.  His best-known work was  The Unknown Capablanca in collaboration with David Hooper.

Patrick Ryan demonstrates how he became the first player to qualify for the 2017 Golden Knights Finals.


The second and decisive win by the new world champion.

At the end of this game, Black cannot prevent the incursion of White’s Bishop to Bg5 and the destruction of his King’s fortress.


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