The Check is in the Mail: July 2019

Bradley Rogers (courtesy subject)

Bradley Rogers of Sterling Heights, Michigan, showed his dominance in the 2017 John Collins 17C18 scoring a shutout against strong opposition.


Walter Muir

Lawrence Coleman  18W15  5-1

Mital Patel                18W15  5-1

John Collins

Allen Woollen       17C14   6-0

Paul Lamarre          18C11  6-0

After a long and successful defense, Black blunders.

Quote: You asked for feedback about the ICCF webserver.  It is a great way to go.  It makes it so easy.  So easy in fact that I think I’ve wrongly been moving too fast, forgetting we do after all have plenty of time to move. — GreenPawn



Jim Ainslie

Jim Ainslie of Richland, Washington, was born November 5, 1954, and died May 10, 2019.

White’s Rook is a miracle Rook in this British game from WWII.

When White sends her Rook off to an empty a-file instead of a critical e-file, Black breaks through.

When White captures the a5 Pawn, Black gains the initiative.

 GAMES FROM 17C15 John Collins 

After 14…Ne7 (14….Na5!) White takes over in Evans Gambit style.


White castles queenside into Black’s fangs..

This game is an object lesson – is the Black isolated Queen Pawn weak or strong? Created on Move 18, the answer becomes clear twenty moves later.

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