The Check is in the Mail: December 2019

Kendrick Aung of Seabrook, Texas, scored 5 ½-½ to win a 2019 Swift Quad,  An example of his play follows.

Kendrick Aung

A frequent cause of failing defense after a long and so far successful defense is a Pawn move in the critical area – like 46…h6 in this game.

Black’s Pawn mass, like a plague of locusts, devours White material.

This game just has one shocker after another.  Rather than a draw, it should be listed as both sides win.


John Collins

George Barton      18C02  4-2

Jonathan Lartigue 18C02  4-2

Swift Quad

Kendrick Aung  19SQ04  5 ½-½

Brian Harrigan   19SQ03  5-1

David Ferster     19SQ01  5=1

Walter Muir

Vernon Young    19W04   5 ½-½


Cory Bloch  18V01   6-0

Trophy Quad

Joseph Nadworny  17Q10  6-0


It is that time of the year again, time for games of chess where the loser finds a way to finish the game in twenty moves or under and the winner finds a way to save postage stamps and/or emails.  Welcome to miniature time!

Black poses his forces for the attack, but a simple developing move reveals it is White who has the attack.  After 19…Bxf4 20. Qf3! Black can’t survive and so saves a lot of postage by resignation.

It’s the same old story in a shortened form.

After 10…Kxh7 11. Ng5_ Kg6 12. h4! Black is ready to start a new game.

In the following game White seems to have forgotten about his army that is sleeping on the queenside.

The White King develops wings !

After a Black Knight lands on e3 White sees …Be6 and ultimate doom.

Beware when French players get active!  White faces 19. Bf1 Bb5 20. Rb1 Qa6 and calls it quits.

Both sides develop.  One side leaves his King in the center.  One side loses.

Miniature games are the hors d’oeuvres of chess. = Chess Review

The cliché has it that even Homer nods – Black is busted after 15….Kxf7 16. Qh5+ Kf8 17. Rxf6! Bxf6 18. Bh6+.

White attacks and attacks and resigns.

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