The Check Is in the Mail: August 2019

Robert Rizzo

ICCM Robert Rizzo  of Merrick, NY has won the 2018 Absolute Championship.  He had finished third in both the 1999 and 2017 event, and facing an even stronger 2018 contest, he brought home the victory inspired by none other than AlphaZero.  As Robert expresses it:

Just before the onset of 18A01, AlphaZero was turning the chess world on its head with a novel style of play that seemed to diminish the classical evaluation of chess pieces, instead opting for the opening of files and diagonals while placing activity at a premium.  To me it was daring and exciting chess and much more applicable to correspondence chess where one can study deeply into possible lines – I made the decision to try to mimic some of those “radical” new ideas where possible….

In my opinion this is the most enjoyable type of chess as it is often not subject to the application of general rules but requires one to search for, as GM Seirawan so aptly put it, “the zen of the position.”



Walter Muir

Raymond Grinsteinner    18W20   4 ½-1 ½

Raymond Grinsteinner    19W02   4 ½-1 ½

Chris Wainscott               18W19   6-0


John Collins

Vaughn Gregg                            17C01         5-1


How do you fight a Pawn avalanche?

A balanced fight between the two winners of this 2017 John Collins doesn’t mean both sides were not trying to win.


White sacrifices two Queens to wrap this one up.


Roger Morin was born December 23, 1944 and died July 8, 2019.

Roger was also a Chess Master and a two time State Of Maine Champion.


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