YoungStars Prevail at the Amateur Team South

Ben Silva, who will write the Chess Life Magazine article on the U.S. Amateur Team South, sets the scene:

The Amateur Team South returned to the home of ‘The Most Magical Place on Earth’ for this year’s edition. Hogwarts you say?! Nope, although come to think of it Orlando, Florida has one of those too! While on the topic of Harry Potter it must be said that there was plenty of youthful wizardry afoot, or rather over the board, in the hallowed playing hall of the ATS.

It was the YoungStars, who eventually prevailed in the U.S. Amateur Team South from Feb 8-10 in Kissimmee, Florida. 

The team consisted of Raghav Venkat (2248), Benjamin Chen (2084), Dmitri Sergatskov (2047) and Tony Burrus (2015), and they won on tiebreak over Orange & Blue with Britt Ryerson (2213), Erick Zhao (2101), Grayson Cooke (1831) and Jerry Yao (1682).

In the final round, they defeated top seeded Four Nations 3-1. Here are the two key victories, on boards 1 and 3.

Find full final standings here, play through games on follow chess and look for Ben Silva’s upcoming Chess Life Magazine article. 


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