World Open Festival Underway in Philly

GM Samuel Sevian Photo: Betsy Dynako Zacate

The 2018 version of the World Open kicked off at the Philadelphia Downtown Marriott last week.  Counting blitz and action events, the World Open “Festival” is eighteen separate events over a twelve day period.  The first two events are already in the books, and each section produced a clear winner.

The first event to begin was the five day schedule of the World Open Senior.  That schedule allowed senior to play one game a day in the evening for four consecutive days and finish the even by merging with the 3 day schedule and playing two games on the final day. This leisurely pace appealed to a few players and a total of 15 players kicked off the World Open event on Wednesday June 27th.  These players were joined with the three day schedule and a total of 47 seniors vied for the $3000 prize fund.

This year because the Philadelphia International overlapped, the senior ran as an amateur event in two sections – Under 2210 and Under 1810.  The Under 2210 section had 25 total players, but 8 were over 2000.  After 6 rounds, the clear winner of the top section was Connecticut expert Derek Meredith.  He won his first five games and took a quick draw in the last round to finish in clear first place with 5 ½ out of 6 a clear point ahead of the rest of the field.  In round two, he had a nice tactic to win against fellow expert Brian Lawson.  Rather than the obvious capture, can you find the winning move?

In round 3, Meredith continued his winning ways by defeating expert Michael Carey.

Here is a tactic from the last round of the Under 2210 section.  Can you find the winning move?

In the Under 1810 section, Tha Dun and Christian Call tied for first with scores of 5-1 to win the Under 1810 section.  Dun gave up two draws while Call lost in round two.  Both had to win the last round to take home the money.  Here is Dun’s victory on board one.

The World Open Warmup is also in the books.  Eitan Genger won the section with a score of 4 ½ out of 5.  The warmup was also limited to players under 2100.  The event drew 31 players.

Grandmaster Sam Sevian won the Philadelphia International. Here is Sevian’s 9th round victory against Julio Sadorra.

Look for a full report, including info on norm winners, next.

In the meantime, you can follow the events online at

Bob Messenger directed for Continental Chess Association.  He was assisted by David Hater, Brian Yang and Harold Scott.

Full tournament details including a list of all winners can be seen at

Previous Continental Chess tournaments can be found at the Continental Chess website at


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