World Cadets Begin in Batumi

20161018_183549-1 Batumi Boulevard, Photo GM Irina Krush
The World Cadets in Batumi, Georgia begin on October 19, and the US has a powerful delegation including many high ranked players, such as FM Arthur Guo, ranked third in the Open Under 10, Rochelle Wu, ranked sixth in the Girls  Under 10 and Andrew Hong, ranked sixth in the Open Under 12. See the full detailed lineup below and on, where you can also follow daily pairings and results. Grandmaster Irina Krush will be covering the event on US Chess and also look for her "Moment of the Day" updates on twitter and facebook. Read more about the Two Sigma sponsorship of our squad here, and also check out Ritika Pandey's "World Youth Experience" essay from last month in Khanty-Mansiysk, where the Under 14, Under 16 and Under 18 competitions were held.
20161017_200230 Nico Chasin with his dad at the dining hall Photo GM Irina Krush
World Cadets Team USA  Open Under 8  CM Gao Marvin Mardov Dimitar Krishnakumar Sriram Kunka Harshid Gadi Varun Huang Brian Nath Nitish Raghuraja Sri Avishkar Wang Ryan Wilson Ronen Open Under 10  FM Guo Arthur Wang Jason CM Chasin Nico Werner Yoo Christopher Woojin Yu Jason Pan Kevin Polavaram Rithik S Boris Peter Theodore Zong Jr Davis Kondakov Adrian Oberoi Shelev Clasby Derek Lu Ming Selvam Sanjay Open Under 12 Hong Andrew Z Huang Andy Kumar Nikhil Turgut Aydin Wang Brandon Mingye Somalwar Anaiy Zhurbinsky David J
20161017_202409 Ellen Wang and Rochelle Wu, Photo GM Irina Krush 
Girls Under 8 Sara Gupta WCM Rajaram Anika WCM Velea Sophie Chu Joy Kally Wen Girls Under 10 Wu Rochelle Menon Gauri Ke Rianne WCM Eswaran Aksithi Velea Stephanie WCM Wang Audrey WCM Wisniowski Natalie Baalla Nura Sun Amy Mengtian Wang Ellen Wang Tianna Girls Under 12  WFM Samadashvili Martha WFM Matus Nastassja A Zhu Evelyn Meiyappan Annapoornif Ehsani Yassamin L Ayinala Shree Velea Anne-Marie


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Good Luck to Joy chu and Wilson Ronen

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Thank you Aryan!! :)

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Good luck everyone!!!

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My guess is that Batumi, Georgia is a more interesting place for a "chess-cation" versus Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia, the site for the recently-completed 2016 World Youth tournament. It'd be interesting to read the opinions of parents and coaches who have been to both places.

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