US World Cadet Team, Sponsored by Two Sigma, in Santiago, Spain

Eddy Tian, one of 21 players competing in the Open Under 12 section in the World Youth, which started on November 4th in Santiago, Spain, Photo Grant Oen

The World Cadet in Santiago, Spain (November 4-15) is underway.  We have arrived with a huge delegation, split into six sections along with our biggest team, 21 players in the Open Under 12. We also have 12 players in the Open Under 10, and nine players in the Open Under 8.

Our highest rated competitor is Christopher Yoo (2407 FIDE). Christopher’s father revealed that prior to the World Cadet, coach IM Kostya Kavutskiy introduced him and other team members to a fun training tool to solve mates in one in under ten secondsThe goal is to see how many you can get in a row before the ten second timer buzzes. Good luck topping Christopher’s score: 581! To further quench your tactical thirst, check out interview with Simona Nayberg of our World Youth team, on her tactics website, 

Last year’s gold medalist in the Open Under 8,  Aren Emrikian is now in the Open Under 10. For some insight into how Aren won last year, see Grandmaster Mesgen Amanov’s Best of CLO article from last year, Path to the Podium, on the journey.

World Under 8 Champ Aren Aren Emrikian, wearing Two Sigma T-shirt. 

We have 11 players representing team USA in the Girls Under 12, 15 players in the Girls Under 10 and seven players in the Girls Under 8. Our team includes several trailblazers, including Rianne Ke in the Girls Under 12, the first ever female to win the K-6 Championship and Rachael Li in the Girls Under 8. Last month, Rachael Li, along with Alice Lee, broke the record for the youngest female US Chess Expert ever. 

Our team is coached by Aviv Friedman (Head of Delegation), Robert Hungaski (assistant HoD), Andranik Matikozyan, Alex Lenderman, Armen Ambatsoumian and Kostya Kavutskiy.

Kostya posted about his plans for November on instagram, and his excitement to coach our formidable squad.

Follow along on the official website, and use and bookmark the links below to follow the results of Team USA. 

Open Under 8

Open Under 10

Open Under 12

Girls Under 8

Girls Under 10

Girls Under 12

Thanks to sponsor Two Sigma for their continuing support of US Chess. 

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