Women’s World Champs: Tan Zhongyi Must Win Last Round

Trailing by 2 points to Ju Wenjun at the halfway mark, Tan Zhongyi struck back in round 6 with a 125-move display of determination.

This victory and then three draws in a row bring Tan within a point of Ju with one round to go.

However, Ju missed a couple major opportunities to increase her lead along the way. Can you find the tactic that she overlooked in round 8?

Ju Wenjun vs. Tan Zhongyi

White to move and win.

The last round is on May 18, and Tan Zhongyi must win to secure a playoff. In the case of a win for Ju Wenjun or a draw, we will have a new Women’s World Champion.




For more information on the Women’s World Championship, check out:



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