The Winners are in: US Chess Annual Awards

Ruth Haring

US Chess announces the 2017 award winners, as confirmed by the Executive Board at the meeting held from June 3-4 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The 20 award winners will be recognized out at the annual luncheon on Saturday, August 5th, during the 2017 US Open in Norfolk, Virginia (July 29-August 6th). Congrats to the winners and thanks for all you do for USChess!

a. Distinguished Service Award – Ruth Haring (N-CA), Mike Atkins (MD)
b. Outstanding Career Achievement Award – Murrel Rhodes (IL), GM Larry Kaufman (MD), John Roush (WV), R. Mark Johnson (VA), FM Macon Shibut (VA), Ernest W. Schlich (VA)
c. Special Services Award – Maureen Grimaud (SC), Tom Dart (IL)

Female players at the Pan-American Championship with USCF Women’s Committee Chair Maureen Grimaud (far right)

d. Meritorious Services Award – Jean Troendle (LA), Andy Rea (VA), Anand Dommalapati (VA), Ed Westing (WA), Ralph Mikel (DC)
e. Committee of the Year – Ethics Committee
f. Chess City of the Year – Franklin County, MS

g. Koltanowski Awards
a. Gold – US Chess Trust
b. Silver – Two Sigma

World Youth players wearing Two-Sigma jackets

h. Scholastic Service Award
a. Individual – David MacEnulty (NY)

David MacEnutly with former students at the Chess-in-the-Schools 30th Anniversary benefit

i. Organizer of the Year – Dr. Judit Sztaray (N-CA)

Dr. Judit Sztaray

j. Frank J. Marshall Award – IM Walter Shipman (N-CA and NY) posthumously and IM Danny Kopec (NY) posthumously
k. Grandmaster of the Year – GM Wesley So (MN)

Wesley So on the cover of the November issue of Chess Life Magazine

l. Honorary Chess Mate – Helen and Allen Hinshaw (VA)
m. Chess Club of the Year – Hampton Roads Scholastic Chess Club (VA)
n. Chess College of the Year – St. Louis University (MO)

The SLU chess team is coached by GM Alejandro Ramirez

o. Tournament Director of the Year – NTD Korey J. Kormick (TN)

Korey Kormick at the 2016 World Chess Championships

p. Tournament Director Lifetime Achievement Award – NTD George M. Mirijanian (MA) and NTD Ernest W. Schlich (VA)
q. Outstanding Player Achievement Award – IM Jay Bonin (NY)
r. Outstanding Team Performance Award – 2016 gold medal winning US Olympiad team
s. Woman Chessplayer of the Year Award – Nazi Paikidze (NV)

2016 US Women’s Champion Nazi Paikidze with 2017 US Women’s Champion Sabina Foisor, Photo Greg Shahade at the SuperNationals VI

t. Special Friend of US Chess – Sen. John Davison “Jay” Rockefeller IV

Find out more about the US Open and the associated events here. 


  1. Valid indeed. Ruth Haring is the classic chess shadow player,organizer and eyewitness to world chess history . Please note the greatest chess tournament director of all time MR. WILLIAM GOICHBERG is not yet in the chess hall of fame. Note also please’THE RUSTY’ the one and only half century absolute monster chess promotional genius MR. RUSSELL MILLER “Mr. Northwest Chess Magazine ” is also not immortalized. Factors of money, animosity, jealousy, politics, and sheer stupidity should never block these absolute proud ‘don’t bow..don’t know how’ absolute giants in American chess history. Our younger generation of readers will surely take care of business pronto.If you want saints, go to temple. “Anyone who ever tries to do something grand or different makes enemies”-Grandmaster Arnold S. Denker(1944 US chess champion) / last 1976 interview – Ft. Lauderdale Florida bus station station. Jude Acers/New Orleans

  2. The best award is life’s own self satisfaction that you have enjoyed the passion of ones own life’s work and it is found to be sufficient!

  3. to Mr. Bruce Davis: Agreed but WE ARE KINGS, stewards of real deal truth , justice and American way. People died in our history for our right to ruthlessly eliminate jealousy, money, pathetic chess politics, hatred, racism and strive for fairness in print if we so choose.That’s us buddy! We don’t take any stupid nonsense or espouse hatred. We be the judge. Get in the car with me Mr. Davis. I cannot drive so you get behind the wheel… along the highway ..dwarfing the passing traffic see the 50 years epic absolute monster master chess promoters of American chess history..yes the Elvis, Beatles, Rolling Stones,U2. SPRINGSTEEN,Michael Jackson, Prince and Adele of American chess history. NOBODY TOUCHES THEM…THE GREATEST TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR OF ALL TIME MR. WILLIAM GOICHBERG. PERIOD.LETS GET REAL FOLKS. Mr. Russell Miller,the Northwest Chess magazine promo genius who personally engineered more than 1,ooo chess media appearances AND TWO GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORD MONSTER CHESS EXHIBITIONS WITH POSTCARDS OUT OF A SHACK BY THE TRACK IN YAKIMA, WASHINGTON…AND PAID FOR IT OUT OF HIS OWN POCKET “JUST TO DO THINGS”…THE UNBELIEVABLE ‘BOB DYLAN OF CHESS’ IN A VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE ALONG CALIFORNIA HIGHWAYS FOR HALF A CENTURY..PHOTOGRAPHER/HISTORIAN AND CHESS ELF MR.RICHARD SHORMAN. HE CAME,HE SAW, HE PARKED AND CHESS HAPPENED all over the place ..LIKE A BOMB BIGTIME…AND THE MOST OVERQUALIFIED HALL OF FAME eligible PERSONAGE ALL TIME- FIDE GRANDMASTER/7 TIME NATIONAL CHAMPION COLLEGIATE CHESS COACH SUSAN POLGAR.Like the ride so far? Weather seems nice. I certainly feel better. What do you see through the windshield Mr. Davis? Jude Acers/ New Orleans

  4. HI, My name is Misty Moak. I work with the local newspaper in Franklin County Mississippi. We are the town that was named Chess City of the Year. We would like to run a press release in our newspaper. Can you provide us with this information. Thanks so much.

    • Hello Misty. Two great people to e- mail are JUDY MISNER [email protected] AND COPY TO THE LEGENDARY JOAN DUBOIS [email protected] More than 15 million You tube and CBS ’60 Minutes’ viewers have now seen ‘CHESS COUNTRY’ the incredible Franklin County chess program teaching wizard. Be sure to let CHESS LIFE EDITOR MR. DAN LUCAS [email protected] know what is happening down there also. Believe me it will get top priority. Best wishes Jude Acers/ New Orleans

  5. ARE WE MICE OR MEN? Chicken little or prime steak? Do we recognize the real world with fairness and courage… RUTHLESSLY dismiss racism, personality, petty chess jealousy and sheer colossal unmitigated hatreds or even the almighty dollar bill if necessary while recognizing half century staggering achievement..they tower above us all.There is no one remotely approaching these absolute PROMO CHESS MONSTERS IN AMERICAN CHESS HISTORY …. GOICHBERG, MILLER,SUSAN POLGAR, SHORMAN FOR THE CHESS HALL OF FAME. PERIOD. FOR HONOR. FOR FREEDOM, FOR A NEW DAY WITH GUTS AND ABOVE ALL…..’TELL IT LIKE IT IS'(THANKS AARON NEVILLE!) Jude Acers/ New Orleans PS I would like to thank US Chess so much for allowing me to speak freely. Freedom is not free. Sometimes you have to be prepared to die for it. I would gladly die to pen this letter if necessary. You have to stand up and be counted. WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE ARE WE? Otherwise we sell US Chess and ourselves down the river. We become simply a bunch of fraternity clowns while the circus has closed. What fools we are not to care about each other…”THE ONLY WAY YOU WILL EVER GET INTO THE CHESS HALL OF FAME WILL BE IF YOU BUY A TICKET.” Hell no.The soldiers have arrived. Our young readers too, the young Turks, are going to take care of business also. They are a lot sharper in this tech age than you could ever imagine. They will never let us get away with this absolute treason to ourselves.

  6. […] Sztaray thanked the experienced TD crew at SuperStates for how well it ran: Chief TD Tom Langland, Chief Assistant TD John McCumiskey, Assistant TDs Jordan Langland, Abel Talamantez, and the sectional chief TDs: Richard Koepcke, Andrew Mueckenberger, Wolfgang Behm, Brian Lee Morris, Arthur Braden, Reka Sztaray, Matthew LeForce, Michael Joseph D’Alfonsi, Dana Langland, and Arthur Liou. She also thanked the rest of the BAC coaching and management team that was on-site, specifically James Bethany, Elena Kondakova, Jasmine Kaur, NM Derek O’Connor, FM Teemu Virtanen, and many other staff and volunteers. GM Zviad Izoria (who soon play in the U.S. Championship), GM Enrico Sevillano, GM Atanas Kolev, and Faik Aleskerov all provided free expert analysis for players. Finally, Sztaray thanked the sponsors: the Lonsdale family, Shastha Foods, U.S. Chess Trust and the on-site vendors, including, Fine Designs, Wood Expressions, Lauren Goodkind and others. […]

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