Wei Yi Wins Knockout Tournament Between China’s Best

Sixteen-year-old prodigy and current Chinese Champion, Wei Yi, won the China Kings and Queens tournament in convincing fashion. The tournament was a World Cup-style elimination event between the top eight Chinese players of each gender (in separate sections). The men’s section included World #9, Ding Liren.

Endgame #1

What was Wei’s path to victory in this king and pawn endgame?

Wei Yi vs. Zhao Jun

White to move.

In the semi-final GM Yu Yangyi and Wei Yi drew five out of six games, but Wei Yi’s one victory was enough to win the match.

In the final, Wei Yi won a complicated battle in the Ruy Lopez against Bu Xiangzhi.

In the women’s section, the top-rated Hou Yifan didn’t participate, but every other top player did. In the end, Tan Zhongyi, Chinese Women’s Champion, came out ahead of the field.

Here is her excellent attacking victory against Tingjie Lei in the Grunfeld Defense.


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