Long Train Running: Four Perfect 3-0s as US Masters Revs Up

John Burke (left) at the 2017 Match of the Millennials. Photo: Lennart Ootes

Now in its 7th year in Greensboro, North Carolina, the US Masters, a national championship event, kicked off on August 17. With 3 rounds in the books in this 9-round event, four players still have a perfect score: GMs Sergey Erenburg, Julio Sadorra, and John Burke, and IM Djurabek Khamraulov.

This year, the US Masters worked closely with the just-concluded Washington International so that players could conveniently compete in both tournaments. Dr. Walter High (organizer of the US Masters) and Michael Regan (organizer of the Washington International) coordinated a train run on Amtrak from D.C. to Greensboro on the “rest day” (August 16) between the two events. High and Regan shared the considerable cost of transporting about 20 GMs and IMs in this manner. Additional elements of coordination between the two events included a $25 entry-fee discount to each event (for players for whom there were entry fees) for anyone playing in both events.

GM Julio Sadorra

With 28 GMs and numerous other titled players among the 86 competitors, it is well recognized that the US Masters is one of the premier training tournaments in the country. And with conditions provided to various groups of players, the tournament continues to gain strength and popularity with established professionals and improving young players. The US Masters also runs contemporaneously with the North Carolina Open (state championship) and scholastic chess events, making for an entire chess festival for players of all strengths who wish to immerse themselves in late-summer chess.

Below are the four games which generated perfect scores at the conclusion of round 3.

John Burke grinds out an endgame win against Timur Gareyev.

Julio Sadorra’s 16 Nb5 is surprisingly decisive against Magesh Panchanathan; earlier Magesh had unseated Jeffery Xiong from first board by defeating him.

Early complications are featured in Djurabek Khamrakulov’s victory against Hovhannes Gabuzyan.

The Spanish bishop ruled in Sergey Erenburg’s win against Michael Brown.

Patrolling the action at the US Masters is a dedicated team of four IAs: Thad Rogers, Corey Cormick, Rudy Abate, and Grant Oen, and everything is running smoothly as usual.

Find full information here and follow live games during the nine round, FIDE rated, norm eligible tournament August 17-21 at chessstream.com.


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