US Chess Statement on Cheating Allegations

By Jennifer Shahade |  April 13, 2018  |   News

Recent social media posts reference cheating allegations involving a team that participated in the 2018 National Junior High Championship in Atlanta, Georgia, from April 6-8. The US Chess Federation makes the following clear:

  1. No cheating happened, nor is alleged to have happened, at the 2018 National Junior High Championship; the alleged incident took place prior to our event.
  2. US Chess was notified late during the fifth round of the seven-round event that a team was possibly ineligible to be in the section in which they were competing due to illegal ratings manipulations at a prior event. Because the presented evidence was circumstantial, the Chief Tournament Director on the scene made the decision to allow the team to continue to play. This decision was presented to US Chess for review prior to its communication. The US Chess Director of Events, as the organizer of record, concurred with the Chief Tournament Director’s ruling.
  3. US Chess has a well-established procedure to handle accusations of cheating or other unethical behaviors. The US Chess Federation has not received a written complaint to initiate our procedures for factual inquiry and ruling on any allegation of cheating pertaining to this event. US Chess is committed to fair play and the integrity of the game of chess. We are concerned that accusations of cheating be handled properly and with sensitivity with respect to the age of these minor players.

Sincerely, Carol B. Meyer US Chess Executive Director

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