US Chess Seeks FIDE Ratings, Titles & Certifications Manager

The US Chess Federation is seeking applications for the job of FIDE Ratings, Titles and Certifications Manager.   Applicants must have:
  1. An Associate’s college degree or higher, with concentration in business or mathematics,
  2. Technical experience with data collection, research or mathematics,
  3. Good working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint,
  4. Good communication skills,
  5. Good people skills,
  6. Good time management skills.
Applicants must have or acquire within a reasonable amount of time, as determined by the US Chess Director of Events:
  1. Knowledge of US Chess Tournament Rules,
  2. Knowledge of US Chess Rating Regulations,
  3. Knowledge of FIDE Tournament Rules and the FIDE Laws of Chess,
  4. Knowledge of FIDE International Title Regulations for players and arbiters,
  5. Knowledge of FIDE Rating Regulations,
  6. Knowledge of the FIDE registration procedures, transfers, and eligibility,
Preferred Qualifications
  1. Certification of US Chess Senior Tournament Director or higher.
  2. Title of FIDE Arbiter (FA) or International Arbiter (IA). Applicants who do not possess one of these FIDE titles are expected to gain enough knowledge and experience to attend and pass the FIDE Arbiter Seminar and test within a reasonable amount of time as scheduled by the US Chess Director of Events.
This is an hourly part-time position with flexible hours, approximately 30 hours per week.  The FIDE Ratings, Titles and Certification Manager works under the direct supervision of the US Chess Director of Events and will be responsible for assigning and managing the workload of FIDE Rating Associates.  Work may be performed from areas outside the US Chess office in Crossville. Please apply by sending a cover letter, resume and three references to Judy Misner, Click here to show email address, no later than October 15, 2016.  For information, please contact the US Chess Director of Events, Franc Guadalupe, Click here to show email address