US Chess Sales Announces Custom Print Shop

US Chess Sales, the Official Chess Shop of the United States Chess Federation, is proud to announce the launch of its custom print shop. "Without a doubt, the number one request from our customers has been the ability to personalize chess products." states Shawn P. Sullivan, Managing Director of US Chess Sales. "They want the ability to affordably print their team name and/or logo on their chess equipment, including bags, boards and score books. They want to be able to show off their team and school pride. Now, thanks to our custom print shop, they can!" Headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, US Chess Sales is the largest chess specialty retailer in the United States. Launching on September 1, 2017, the US Chess Sales Custom Print Shop will give customers the ability to personalize a wide range of chess boards, chess bags and score books. The company offers both silk screening and digital printing, giving customers full creative freedom when it comes to personalization. "Silk screening offers a traditional, affordable single-color method of personalization whereas digital printing offers unlimited, full color personalization. Whether a customer wants a tournament-qualified chess board design, such as their team logo in the H1 square and the name along the edge or they want a large, photo-realistic dragon that spans the 4 squares at the center of the chess board, we can do it! The only limit to what we can do is our customers' imagination." Traditionally, custom printing requires a sizable number of items to be purchased to make it affordable on a per-unit basis. "I've heard stories from customers that went to local printing companies and were told the minimum order for a custom printed item was 100 units, " continues Sullivan. "That's simply too many for most organizations. What I am most excited about is that we are able to allow even the smallest schools, clubs and organizations to custom print their products. At US Chess Sales, the minimum order size for custom printing is only 20, a reasonable amount for any organization. And, even at such a low quantity, it's still very affordable!" In order to expedite the process and minimize the cost, all custom printing is done in-house at the US Chess Sales distribution center in Huntsville. It is anticipated that the average order completion time will be 3-5 business days, from the time the initial order is placed/artwork approved until the order ships. "To ensure the highest quality work, we've even hired a master silk-screener that now works full-time at US Chess Sales. Mr. Mitchell has owned his own silk-screening company for more than 5 years, and has hundreds of satisfied clients in the Huntsville area." Additional Information about the US Chess Sales Custom Chess Shop can be found at