US Chess Opens 2023-2024 Title I School Outreach Program for Affiliates Serving At-Risk Youth



US Chess is pleased to launch the 2023-2024 program that supports affiliates who bring chess to students attending Title I schools. This program is made possible by generous donors who are committed to helping us bring chess to underserved students. 

We believe that chess is transformative for children by improving their focus, aiding in decision making, and teaching that choices have consequences — lifelong skills that can be immediately applied in the classroom. This program will bring thousands of students into the US Chess community and support our affiliates who provide chess to them during the 2023-2024 academic year. 

We are seeking partnerships with US Chess affiliates that offer chess programs to Title I schools, either as part of the school day or as an afterschool activity. We recognize that there are many expenses related to offering a chess program and we want to improve access to the royal game for your students. US Chess will provide 16 free memberships for students and 8 chess sets for each school’s program.  

US Chess Executive Director Carol Meyer explains, “This program reflects US Chess goals and delivers on our mission to empower people, enrich lives and enhance communities through chess. We are committed to improving inclusion and access as we break down financial barriers to joining the chess community. Our donors’ generosity underscores the chess community’s commitment to meeting the needs of students who come from underserved communities.”  



  • Current US Chess Affiliate Membership (any current affiliate or state chapter directly serving students in Title I schools may apply; Become or renew an affiliate ) Each school served by the US Chess affiliate requires a separate application, up to a total of 3 schools.
  • Applying Affiliate must be a 501(c)(3) 
  • Title I public schools that are US Chess Affiliates are eligible to apply


Applicants must provide the school name, address, and contact information for its principal. The school must currently be Title I-designated on the US Department of Education’s website for the most recent year that data is available.

Programs that receive funding will be asked to complete 1-2 surveys during the academic year. This feedback will help us improve the program for future years to come. 

Apply today. The application will be closed when we reach the maximum number of programs we can support.


Getting Started: Chess Resources

Chess Life Kids


Chess Life Kids is the US Chess award-winning magazine that offers young players (12 and under) tips on improving their game while featuring stories about other chess-loving kids from across the country. Chess Life Kids comes with US Chess youth memberships in digital formats; print copies are available by paying an opt-in fee. All memberships come with access to the digital subscription.





Guide to a Successful Chess Club


This basic guide helps you become familiar with the terms, attributes, and areas of focus when starting a new chess club. Download your free copy of the Guide today.

In the document there is a link to  Guide to Scholastic Chess, a traditional piece for getting your school program involved with US Chess-rated tournaments. 




Online Learning and Playing Platforms

ICC’s Learning Center


Learn To Read & Write Chess, By Jeanne Cairns Sinquefield



This short guidebook promotes chess literacy for those wanting to take their game to the next level. Through reading, doing and playing, Learn to Read & Write Chess is a concise primer on learning chess notation. As chess notation is required for many chess tournaments, learning it as part of the game from the very beginning promotes a sense of accomplishment for new players in their first tournament game. You can now download the pdf in English or twelve other languages by clicking on this link.

Printed copies of the guide are also available for purchase from the World Chess Hall of Fame’s Q Boutique. To purchase, visit 


Find A Tournament Near You

US Chess and its members regularly offer tournaments throughout the year. Some tournaments are a few hours long, others last a whole weekend and even longer. You can find rated events near you by visiting the US Chess website and following the "Play" menu at the top of the page. See a list of current tournaments happening in your state.

This set of resources represents only a small number of the many worthwhile tournaments freely available. Reach out to your local chess club or state chess federation for pointers to local professionals and chess education content.



I suggest that this should not be limited to 501(c)3 only, but include other non-profits, like 501(c)4 - Social Welfare Organizations or 501(c)7 - Social and Recreational Clubs?

Chess can singlehandedly save an at risk childs life. Period.
It glows. Jude Acers/ New Orleans

Our 501c3 affiliate (scholastics) provides chess tournaments throughout the state and we get one or two requests throughout the season for chess sets for Title 1 schools. Since we provide the tournaments for their students, are we eligible to fill this out for them and include their school address to receive the sets? If that's the case, do I need to fill out a different form for each school? Thank you, this looks like a great program!

Message to jbraddy ...from JUDE ACERS OF NEW ORLEANS. Count me in..line up 50 or 100 of your young players and I will give a brief lecture and play them all absolutely free of charge.. in addition I will ask MR. GARY 'the logistics maesto" "SHARPE /CEO OF HOTLINE EXPRESS COURIER TRUCKING /NORTH CAROLINA ,,, TO TRUCK IN 50-100 CHESS SETS AND BOARDS( AND MORE IF YOU NEED THEM) which we will leave behind all free of charge ...I badly want to do something TO EXPRESS MY APPRECIATION for THE Carol Meyer and Mr. John Hartmann (THE GREATEST CHESS EDITOR OF ALL TIME) who have fiercely ,slowly led US chess toward an enlightened big tent! With a world wide monster New Orleans film maker DEREK BRIDGES /KD video film NOW BREAKING "THE MAN IN THE RED BERET" ... that just won the Los Angeles film festival for sweet starters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -now breaking worldwide AT FILM FESTIVALS ALL OVER THE WORLD AND WITH WORLDWIDE STREAMING OF THE DEREK BRIDGES 11 YEARS IN THE MAKING MONSTER FILM IN 2024.. .I will move into your area red scorching hot like Hannibal the Cannibal. i AM THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME AND YOU WILL FIND THIS OUT WHEN I ROLL IN THERE ........It is all absolutely free for your childrens not worry about ANY cost....I would greatly appreciate also your assistance to play a prison in your area..line up 100 people there and I will play them all and will absolutely provide all chess sets needed and leave them behind .Others talk. Mr. Gary Sharpe of Hotline Express and I deliver..WE DO NOT MESS AROUND AND WE ARE BOTH INTENSE WHEN ON A MISSION... WE WILL BE THERE... FOR PROMOTION WORLDWIDE WE WILL BRING IN THE BIG GUN- ALL UNIVERSE MEDIA MONSTER WONDERGIRL MISS BAYLEE BADAWY OF NEW ORLEANS..SHE TOTALLY ENGINEERED LOCK STOCK AND BARREL ,THE ENTIRE SUPER GRANDMASTER HIKARU NAKAMURA-JUDE ACERS WHIRLWIND NEW ORLEANS FILM WALKAROUND JANUARY 11-15 2023 PROGRAM., We have done it hundreds of times all across the nation AND MANY NATIONS . ..(Jude Acers..40 million copies of the Guinness book of world records (simultaneous exhibition record./drawn match with grandmaster /6 time US champion Walter Browne , author THE ITALIAN GAMBIT SYSTEM Lone Pine Grandmaster Chess 1975 ETC) .................................................. Hello to Mr. John Hartmann (the greatest chess editor of all time.) Hello to Carol Meyer/US Chess .....who even puts up with weirdos like me! And good winds always jbraddy....lONG MAY YOU RUN. HOPE YOUR CHESS SET BUSINESS IS BOOMING !,,PLUG ANY THING YOU LIKE AS WE GO , NO PROBLEM!NO JOKE ...this is the real deal. It will happen. I am coming.
Jude Acers/New Orleans

Absolutely one thousand per cent free!!! period end of case. My thank you to Carol Meyer and Mr.John Hartmann who have by sheer force of big tent brought the United States of America chess federation into the modern world. Mr. Gary Sharpe /ceo of Hotline Express and yours truly Jude Acers are ruthless people who promote in the grand manner,we get results not a lot of empty nonsense..Book it!!! Miss Baylee Bada Jude Acers

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