US Chess Nominating Committee Recommends Four to Run for Executive Board

The US Chess Nominating Committee (Committee) has completed its work for the 2021 US Chess Executive Board election. The Committee recommends the following four people as prospective Executive Board candidates, in alphabetical order:

  • Randy Bauer (Iowa)
  • John Fernandez (Missouri)
  • Kevin Pryor (Florida)
  • Ryan Velez (Kentucky).

The Committee notes that the four prospective candidates are required to obtain signatures on petitions for office. The 2021 petition form is available here. (A fillable petition form is also available.) Other prospective candidates can self-nominate by obtaining the required signatures. Completed petitions are due by 11:59 pm CT on 12/31/2020.

The Nominating Committee was created by the US Chess Delegates during the 2020 Special Delegates Meeting in August. A subsequent Special Delegates Meeting to elect 6 Delegate-appointed candidates ensued in September. The US Chess Executive Board appointed 2 members to the Committee.

US Chess thanks the Nominating Committee for its dedication and exemplary work during the past two months. Members of the Committee include:

  • David Grimaud, Chair (Delegate-appointed)
  • Sophia Rohde, Vice Chair (Delegate-appointed)
  • Joy Bray (Executive Board-appointed)
  • Randy Hough (Delegate-appointed)
  • Michelle Martinez (Delegate-appointed)
  • Daaim Shabazz (Delegate-appointed)
  • Hal Sprechman (Executive Board-appointed)
  • Chris Wainscott (Delegate-appointed)

The Committee’s work is finished for the 2021 election and will reconvene in early 2021 to identify candidates to run in 2022.