US Chess Executive Board Statement on Russian Federation Invasion of Ukraine

Update on 2/26: Do you want to offer direct help? US Chess has established a GoFundMe campaign to assist suffering Ukrainian chess players. The Kasparov Chess Foundation has seeded the campaign with a generous $10,000 commitment. 

The United States Chess Federation (US Chess) strongly condemns the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation. The unprovoked attack is unlawful and endangers the political sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Chess and all international sports unite people, but it cannot do so when nations are under attack. Effective immediately, US Chess will not send a delegation to any official FIDE event (such as the 2022 Olympiad) held in the Russian Federation as long as it continues its unlawful invasion, occupation, and attacks on Ukraine or any other nation state.

Both Russia and Ukraine are important chess countries. In the spirit of our game and the motto of the international chess federation (FIDE), Gens una sumus (We are one family), the hostile action by the Russian Federation leads to dysfunction in the chess family. 

US Chess urges an immediate and peaceful end to this conflict.


Passed 8-0 by the US Chess Executive Board

February 25, 2022