What is this announcement?

The USA will not send an official delegation to the 2023 World Cadet Championships.


Why was this decision made?

The 2023 World Cadet Championships are scheduled for October 14-27, 2023, in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.  Sharm el Sheikh is located in the Sinai Peninsula. 

Currently, the nation of Egypt is under a Level 3 travel advisory from the US Department of State, which is defined as “reconsider travel”.  However, the advisory specifically states that US citizens should not travel to the Sinai Peninsula, except for specific travel to the Sharm el Sheikh airport.  The advisory further states that there is a heightened risk of terrorism on the peninsula, with the US Embassy in a limited position to assist due to this risk. 

Based on the specific language cited above, US Chess considers the Sinai Peninsula to essentially be under a Level 4 travel advisory, which is defined as “do not travel”.  US Chess cannot reasonably guarantee our players, parents, coaches, and staff safe passage and accommodation in that region of the world at this time.  Therefore, the US Chess Executive Board has decided not to authorize a delegation to this event. 

US Chess sincerely apologizes to the players who will lose the opportunity to compete in this event.  Certainly, they’ve done nothing wrong.  However, the real world sometimes intrudes on our shared pastime.  The safety of our members (particularly our youngest members) and staff is always our primary concern.


Will USA’s World Cadet players have any opportunity to compete internationally this year?

USA players under age 12 who were invited to participate in this event will be considered invited players for the 2023 World Youth Championship.  Please note, official representative and personal rights status from the World Cadet will NOT transfer to the World Youth.  Please refer to Section 7.2.3 of the Scholastic National Invitational Event and Award Requirements for more information.


I still have questions.  Where can I ask them?

Contact Brian Yang, FIDE Events Manager, at

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