U.S. Defeats Scotland in World Senior Teams

It wasn’t easy, but the U.S. ground out a 3.5-0.5 win over Scotland to open their accounts in the 2019 World Senior Team Championships 50+ Division.

Outrating the Scottish team by nearly 400 points on average, the Americans had to work hard and, in some cases, swindle their opposition to claim match victory. It’s not clear what even happened in the Grant-Shabalov game, which ends abruptly on move 30. Did Grant flag? Did he resign in an equalish position?

Igor Novikov was ill-served by his beloved Najdorf against George Neave. Neave had an absolutely crushing position before losing the thread and, somehow, the game.

Jaan Ehlvest showed his Grandmaster technique in a clean win against Peter Smith. The Scotsman gambited a pawn in the opening without real compensation, and Ehlvest smoothly brought home the full point.

Author and CLO interviewee Joel Benjamin was forced to split the point with his opponent, Neil Farrell, after Benjamin was unable to breach Farrell’s French Defense.

Still, a win is a win, and the U.S. sits tied for first with 11 other teams after the first round. They play Germany tomorrow.

Playing Schedule:

Round Date                Time (GMT+3)

1          2019/04/16      15:00
2          2019/04/17      15:00
3          2019/04/18      15:00
4          2019/04/19      15:00
5          2019/04/20      15:00
6          2019/04/21      15:00
7          2019/04/22      15:00
8          2019/04/23      15:00
9          2019/04/24      10:30

Pairings and Results:

50+ section: http://chess-results.com/tnr413742.aspx
65+ section: http://chess-results.com/tnr426179.aspx

Games will be streamed at chess24.com and photos will be available at the organizer’s Facebook page.


  1. This is an open event. There can be any number of teams from a particular country. It is not quite the same as the World Team championship which is an invitational event based on the team results in the prior Olympiad.

    US Chess is providing some support to a team selected through our regular invitational rules. But other teams can choose to go. All players on a team must have the same FIDE flag.

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